The Meseta Nespresso* compatible capsules represent the first “zero impact” coffee certified in Italy

At the end of 2020 Coind became the first Italian coffee roasting company to produce a “climate neutral certified” coffee, that is a coffee with zero carbon dioxide emissions.

The certification was immediately applied to Nespresso* compatible capsules produced under one of the company’s brands, Meseta, which thus became the first Italian “Climate Neutral Certified” coffee.

The certification, issued by an independent third party, is the result of a process started in 2020 together with the Climate Neutral Group, Net Zero impact experts from the Netherlands. The project includes the detection, reduction, abatement and compensation of emissions coming from the whole coffee production cycle: from the plantation to the shelf.

The compensation is ready to start immediately and it is materialised by joining the “Jacundà Forest Conservation” certified climate project, which aims to reduce deforestation in the Brazilian region of Rio Preto and protect its biodiversity.

At the same time, a production efficiency process was launched to improve the management of the plants and increasingly reduce the need for CO2 offsetting.

All “Climate Neutral Certified” products are recognizable through the special logo affixed to the packaging.

* Nespresso is a brand owned by a third company, not connected to Meseta.