Coind is an important Italian industrial group based in Emilia Romagna, in Castel Maggiore, just outside Bologna. It has a total annual turnover of 78 million euro.

Founded in 1961, Coind’s core business has always consisted of coffee roasting, a sector where it now plays a role of primary importance in Italy, as one of the country’s top coffee roasting and manufacturing companies. The Company is indeed leader in the production of distributor-brand private label coffee, with over 7,000 tons of raw coffee beans roasted every year.

Overall the companies belonging to the Group have two plants in Italy and more than 230 employees: a particularly solid and stable industry.

The private label production formula has favoured Coind’s rapid expansion in the coffee sector, especially in portioned formats. The production of various coffee types and formats, the uncompromising attention to manufacturing processes, the high quality of its products – guaranteed by numerous international certifications – combined with the experience accumulated in 60 years, are just a few of the reasons why Coind is so highly appreciated by its clients.

For over sixty years now, Coind endows its products with a delicate balance between culture, knowledge, quality, experience and specialist passion… the secret for creating a perfect espresso coffee.

Over the years, the Group has increasingly become synonymous with trustfulness and quality, chosen by its clients also because it satisfies a wide range of different coffee tastes.